Zabibu Afazali

Assistant Lecturer in Statistical Methods and Actuarial Sciences
Makerere University

Since 2018, Zabibu Afazali has been a junior lecturer in the department of statistical methods and actuarial sciences at the College of Business and Management Sciences at Makerere University Uganda.  She holds a Master of Science degree in statistics from the University of Mysore in India. She is also a student at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in London.

Zabibu’s research interests are in actuarial science, pensions, insurance, financial mathematics, financial economics, and risk mathematics. She has contributed to research including a survey to establish best practices on the implementation of WC insurance, group life insurance, and individual life insurance within Uganda, with a view to inform policy formulation geared towards better services. She also carried out a baseline survey in establishing sexual reproductive health practices among young people in the Koboko district. Zabibu also developed an interactive and intuitive web application that integrates the existing R functions with reactive functions of shinyR to enable analysts to explore and acknowledge all aspects of the data without having to write any R scripts, while providing them with a quicker insight into the underlying structure of the dataset. The app is available at

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