Teketel Yohannes Anshebo

Addis Ababa University

Prof. Teketel Anshebo obtained his BSc in 1984, MSc in 1989, and PhD in 1997 from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Since 1984, he has been serving at higher education institutes. His academic career started as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Chemistry of the then Bahir Dar Teachers College; which was the satellite College of Addis Ababa University. Prof. Anshebo also undertook various short and long-term trainings in management and leadership, such as the Advanced Leadership Seminar (four weeks) in Haggai Institute, Hawaii, USA, Higher Education Leadership and Management (HELM) (two weeks) training, Osnabruck, Germany, and a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education Management (one year) from the University of Melbourne in Australia. 

With his research group and collaborators, he extensively studied electrochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry, photovoltaic and photoelectrochemistry of organic conducting polymer materials. Prof. Anshebo has also published and co-authored more than 60 scientific articles in highly reputable local and international journals. Prof Anshebo was a Junior and Regular Associate of  ICTP, Associate Fellow of TWAS, Fellow of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences and Reviewer and Associate Editor of various local and international journals. He is also a Board Member of the African Materials Research Society, the Founder of the African Network for Solar Energy, and the first Board Member of the Joint US-Africa Materials Institute.

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