Quenton Kritzinger

Associate Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences
University of Pretoria

Professor Quenton Kritzinger is an associate professor in the department of plant and soil sciences at the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences. His research activities integrate the fields of mycology, seed pathology and medicinal plant sciences. His main field of interest is the mycotoxin-producing fungi and the mycotoxins they produce, associated with orphan crops. Dr. Kritzinger is particularly interested in the phytotoxic nature of various mycotoxins. He investigates the mode of action of mycotoxins in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) on a molecular, physiological, and biochemical level. Furthermore, he studies the antimicrobial and antiviral potential of extracts and isolated compounds from indigenous South African plant species against plant pathogens (in particular, mycotoxin-producing fungi). The aim is to develop botanical fungicides from plant extracts that can be used as an alternative, environmentally friendly approach, to prevent and control fungal infestation and mycotoxin contamination of grain in storage systems. Most of his research projects are designed such that the findings will ultimately contribute to enhancing food security among smallholder farmers and rural communities in South Africa and the African continent.

Member Type
Senior Member