Ourvashi Bissoon

Senior Lecturer
University of Mauritius

Dr Ourvashi Bissoon is currently Senior Lecturer at the University of Mauritius since 2009.  She has been the Head of the Department of Management 2018-2020. 

She holds a BSc (Hons) in Economics and Finance and an MBA from the University of Mauritius and a PhD in applied economics from UK.

Dr Ourvashi Bissoon has taught Leadership modules at post graduate level. She has been the module Coordinator for Strategic Management and Principles and Practice of Management and Program Director for an MBA program. Dr Bissoon has collaborated on massive open online course on sustainable development run by the Commonwealth of Learning.

She has been member of the Faculty Quality Assurance Team and of the Teaching and Research Committee and Acting Dean of Faculty and was appointed as Chairperson for the African Peer Review Mechanism team on Corporate Governance and Chairperson of the Research Week Committee 2020 for the Faculty of Law and Management amongst others. Dr Ourvashi Bissoon is also a reviewer for several journals such as the Journal of International Trade and Economic Development.

Her research interests include Sustainable Development, Economic Development, Globalisation, Strategy of the firm, Sustainable Business models, Social and Environmental issues in business and management, FDI, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability and institutional quality.

In addition to her academic positions, she has worked in industry as a Financial Analyst. 

Member Type
Junior Fellow