Nana Firmin

Research Associate
Institute of Society Sciences (CNRST), Burkina Faso

Nana Firmin is currently working at the Institute of Social Sciences (INSS) linked to the National Center for Scientific and Technological Research (CNRST) in Burkina Faso. At the INSS, he works in the department of "Legal Sciences, Political Science and History" as a Research Associate. 

In 2005, he obtained his Master’s degree in Sociology from Joseph Ki Zerbo University (formerly the University of Ouagadougou). In 2007, he joined the Burkina Faso Public Administration, where he was in charge of collecting and analyzing data in employment, vocational training and youth. In the same year, he completed his training in political science with a Diploma of Advanced Studies at the Thomas Sankara University (called Ouaga II University in the past). In 2009, he attended the Institute of Population Sciences (ISSP) for training in social statistics that led to a Profesional Bachelor degree.

In 2014, he was placed at the disposal of the Ministry in charge of scientific research where he worked as a Research Engineer and Doctoral student in political science.  He received his PhD in Political Science in July 2019 and pursued his work at the INSS where he focuses on the analysis of political facts in public policies. His main topics are the African state establishment, issues of democracy and governance, as well as the problem of unemployment.

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