Nabila Bekhechi

Independent Researcher

Nabila Bekhechi is an independent Algerian researcher in Arab Studies. 

She holds a PhD at the University of Paris 8 and a master's degree in religious sciences at the École Pratique des Hautes Études. At the beginning of her career, she was interested in the context of the birth of Islam, but also in medieval Arabic texts that were sources of legislation and the foundation of a world vision. For her, this is an essential stage for the apprehension of the scriptural foundations of contemporary Islam, in that they govern laws, religiosity, politics, and science. 

In 2015, She was a guest researcher at Paris 8, "Histoire de l'Arabie préislamique" (History of Pre-Islamic Arabia). She also taught at the University of Abu Bekr Belkaid, Tlemcen, Algeria. 

Her main fields of research concern the interaction of the political and the religious through: scientific policies, religious institutions, university training in Islamic sciences and in human and social sciences. Her recent publications are :  "La Mosquée d'Algérie, Jamaâ El Djazaïr ou l'institution religieuse réinventée", in K. Derèche(dir), L'Algérie au présent, IRMC, Karthala, 2019.

She is preparing a work on religious training in Islam and particularly on the identity of the discipline "Islamic sciences" in Algeria. She is also a Member of the National Coordination of Algerian Academics for Change (CNUAC). She is active for a redesign of the university and a real political change in Algeria. 

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Senior Member