Marius Venter

Director/Associate Professor
University of Johannesburg

Prof. Marius Venter is the founder and director of the Centre for Local Economic Development (CENLED) based at the University of Johannesburg since 2008. CENLED’s focal areas are economic development, in particular through entrepreneurship in local communities across South Africa. Prof Venter served as the deputy chairperson of the Small Business Development Agency (SEDA) for 9 years. He has been the driving force in establishing a network of academics and practitioners in these fields in all South African universities, leading to the establishment of the professional body, the Economic Development Council of South Africa (EDCSA), which he chairs. Prof Venter has more than 30 years’ hands-on experience in small business development and entrepreneurial activities, mainly in the local government sphere. Lastly he serves as the Director: PASCAL Observatory (Africa), a global alliance that works in collaboration with city and regional and leaders to balance economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. He is a visiting professor at the Philippines Normal University.

Member Type
Senior Member