Lila Chabane

Senior Researcher
Centre for Research in Applied Economics in Development (CREAD)

Lila Chabane is a senior researcher at the Center for Research in Applied Economics for Development in Algiers (CREAD/Algeria). Before that, she served for seven years as Chief of Organization at the coordination office at the Algerian transport ministry. She holds a PhD and a Master of Research degree in geography from Paris Diderot University in France.  She also obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in transport economy from ENTPE (National School of State Civil Engineering) in Lyon (France) and statistical engineering from ENSSEA (National School of Statistics and Applied Economics) in Algiers (Algeria). Currently, she is responsible for a research team on urban dynamics, whose research is broadly focused on city problems, in particular people's mobility, urban systems, transport policy, and urbanism. She is also the head of a research project on governance and financing of public transport in the city of Algiers. This project consisted of interviews with various actors of the system, and a large household survey on mobility and transport using an electronic tablet for the first time in the center. This survey aims to get to know mobility practices, have a vision of the inhabitants’ aspirations in terms of transport, and evaluate different forms of governance of public transport through satisfaction indicators and other specific indicators. 

Member Type
Senior Member