Jacques Banyankindagiye

Lecturer in French Language and Literature
University of Burundi

Jacques Banyankindagiye is a teacher at the Department of French Language and Literature, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences at the University of Burundi. He teaches various courses such as, Literature and Civilizations, Writing and Theatrical Animation, and Scientific Research in Social Sciences.  He also works as a teacher at private universities, such as the Institute Police Superior, where he teaches Oral and Written Expression in French. As a doctoral student at Bujumbura International University, he teaches Oral Expression and Comprehension in French. He is the founder of the Société Francophone du Burundi (SFB), a founding member of the Maison de la Francophonie in Burundi (MFB), vice-president of the African Network of Francophone House (RIMF), and a member of the programming commission of the International Network of Francophone Houses. He is also a member of the Circle of Francophone Solidarity (CSF). In the arts, he is passionate about theater. In addition to conducting doctoral research in theater studies, he coordinates a theatrical troupe of students that performs on stage in French on weekends.

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