Hugues Baïmey

University of Parakou

Professor Hugues Baïmey is a nematologist, lecturer, and director of the Laboratory of Diagnosis and Integrated Management of Plant Bio-Aggressors, Faculty of Agronomy, University of Parakou (UP) in Benin. He graduated with his MSc in 2000 and PhD in 2006 in nematology, respectively, from Gent and Pretoria Universities. Hugues’ research interests are primarily centered on the control of agricultural insect pests using entomopathogenic nematodes and the control of plant-parasitic and virus-vector nematodes associated with vegetable, root, tuber, and cereal crops. He was director of the Higher National School of Agricultural Sciences and Techniques of the UP (2013-2016) and director of projects funded by the Nuffic (2013-2016) and DANIDA (2015-2016). He’s Principal Investigator of projects funded by VLIR-UOS (2010-2014), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2015-2019), and USAID (2020-2021). He also received funds for nematology research from TWAS (2008-2009), BEST (2010-2014), Agropolis-Foundation-Capes (2011-2013), GRiSP (2012-2014), CIRAPIP (2016-2018), Pro-Sol/GIZ (2019-2021), and European Union (2021-2023). He worked for IITA Benin (1995-1999, 2005-2008 and 2016-2018), AfricaRice Benin (2009-2011), and collaborated with IRD Montpellier (2010-2016), Gent University (2010-present), GERES NGO (2012-2014), eNema (2015-2019), and CSIR-CRI and CSIR-SARI, Ghana (2015-2019). He published 68 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 49 conference abstracts. He is Editor in Chief of one book, co-author of one book, and co-author of 3 book chapters. He supervised two PhD students and approximately 45 master’s and 46 BSc students.  

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