Hicham Jamid

PhD Student in Sociology
National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Paris)

Hicham Jamid was a temporary teaching and research assistant (ATER) at the Cnam-Paris between 2018 and 2020. He is a joint PhD candidate at the LISE-CNRS of Cnam-Paris and at the ORMES of the University Ibn Zohr of Agadir (Morocco). He is also a PhD candidate associated with the LMI MOVIDA co-sponsored by the IRD and the Gaston Berger of Saint-Louis University in Senegal.

Jamid is also a member of the MobÉlite hosted by the CEPED and the UMR-IRD at the University of Paris 5, which brings together researchers from various French and foreign research institutions. Since January 2021, Jamid has been a research engineer at LPED (UMR-151-IRD/AMU), in the framework of a European Erasmus+ project.

His work analyzes the effect of migration on Moroccans who studied in France and integrated into the labor market in France or Morocco. His thesis aims to study an aspect of Moroccan international migration that has not yet been fully explored, that of highly educated/qualified migration.

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