Constantin Tsakas

Senior Policy Analyst and Fundraising Consultant
Center for Mediterranean Integration, World Bank

Dr. Constantin Tsakas is a senior policy analyst and fundraising consultant at the Center for Mediterranean Integration (Marseille), a multi-partner knowledge exchange platform created by the World Bank and France.  It identifies regional solutions to address key regional challenges in the Mediterranean. He contributes to the Center’s partnership strategy and produces policy-relevant research feeding into the CMI’s knowledge creation component. 

Dr. Tsakas has experience in policy networking with South-Med and African stakeholders, maintaining ongoing dialogue with key policy centers and academics in the region. Prior to joining the World Bank,  Dr. Tsakas was the general manager of Institut de la Méditerranée, working for the emergence of sustainable models of development and for a greater involvement of civil society and territorial actors in public policies. As the general secretary of the FEMISE think-tank network, he also worked on the reinforcement of dialogue on economic and social issues of policy relevance in the Mediterranean region. Dr. Tsakas was also a lecturer at Sciences Po (2013-2020), teaching on openness, growth, and crisis in the Mediterranean countries at Sciences Po’s Middle Eastern and Mediterranean College of Menton.

His thematic interests and publications include issues related to innovation, social entrepreneurship, education, women empowerment, climate change, and trade integration. He holds a PhD from Aix-Marseille University with a doctoral thesis on “Services and Goods Trade Linkages.”

Member Type
Senior Member