Boumediene Abdellaoui

Professor of Mathematics
University Abou Bekr Belkaid Tlemcen, Algeria

Boumediene Abdellaoui is a full professor at the University Abou Bekr Belkaid in Tlemcen. He obtained his PhD degree in mathematics analysis and application from the University of Autonoma of Madrid, Spain in 2003. From  2003-2006, he was an associate professor in the department of mathematics at the University  of Autonoma of Madrid.  

In 2006, Mr. Abdellaoui began his career as a permanent professor at the  University of Tlemcen, Algeria. In 2013, he became a full professor at the same university.  

In 2010, Professor Abdellaoui got the Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for  Mathematics Sciences. In the same year, he received the Maurice Audin prize of mathematics sponsored by the Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics, the Mathematical Society of France, the Algerian Ministry of  Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the Josette and Maurice Adin Association.  

In 2015, Professor Abdellaoui was selected as a member of the Algerian Academy of Science and Technology.  From 2013 to 2019, Professor Abdellaoui was the director of the Research  Laboratory of Nonlinear Analysis and Applied Mathematics. Boumediene has  published more than 65 papers in international journals of mathematics and  has supervised five PhD doctoral theses at the University of Tlemcen. He is the leader of several collaboration projects with Spain, France, Morocco,  Tunisia, and Italy.

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