Aimé B. Heri-Kazi

Associate Professor in Agricultural Sciences
Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB)

Mr. Aimé B. Heri-Kazi is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the Catholic University of Bukavu and at the Institut Supérieur des Techniques de Développement-Mulungu Bukavu (Congo-Kinshasa).

He holds a PhD degree in Agronomic Sciences and Biological Engineering (land degradation, natural resource management & soil conservation) from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCLouvain).

He also holds a Degree of Agricultural Engineer, obtained with Distinction from the Catholic University of Bukavu.

He has participated in several conferences as part of his doctoral training, as well as workshops on food security; professional training in the field of sustainable agriculture; the international symposium on the green revolution in Africa, in Tanzania; and the international exhibition of environmental equipment, technologies and services in 2011 in France. 

Upon completion of his studies, he worked in several organisations (GALE; Louvain Cooperation; Christian-Aid; IITA). He also has experience working in public administration (at the Services des Contributions/Bukavu: 1995-1996). In development projects, he has trained and supported partner associations consisting of local and international development organisations (AFEDEM, GALE, PADEBU, LD, OXFAM-Solidarité, SCIAF-Grande Bretagne, CHISTIAN-AID...).

He is currently Director of the research centre “Regional Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies Applied to Sustainable Development”, abbreviated to " CEREIAD-UCB ". He is heavily involved in research for the protection of agricultural potential and soil management in South Kivu.

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