Abraham Asfaw

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
Bates College

Abraham Asfaw is an Applied Microeconomist with a special interest in topics at the intersection of Health Economics, Labor Economics and Development Economics. His most recent works focus on the health behavior, health outcome and healthcare spending effect of prescription drug insurances and other drug policies.   He is also working on the effect of investment in health infrastructure on Human capital and productivity in developing countries.  Currently, he is Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Bates College. Prior to Bates, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the department of Economics and Murphy Institute at Tulane University. He received his PhD in Economics from Northern Illinois University in 2017. His works so far have appeared in four different journals including Health Economics and World Development.  At Bates College, he teaches Principles of Microeconomics, Health Economics, and the Economics of Pandemics. Abraham was born and raised in Addis Ababa—the fifth highest capital city in the world.  He enjoys watching and playing soccer games.

Member Type
Junior Fellow